Varietal Tier Overview: Walnut Crest Varietals

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Walnut crest varietals

Walnut Crest varietals deliver consistent quality in flavorful, everyday wines. Sourced from Chile, Argentina and Italy to offer maximum value to the consumer.

Tasting Notes

walnut-varietals-chardChardonnay: A crisp, fruity and aromatic wine with exotic aromas and flavors like passion fruit, vanilla and bananas. 5% malolactic fermentation adds roundness and a touch of cream.


walnut-varietals-sauvignon-blancSauvignon Blanc: Pale yellow in color this wine is crisp and refreshing with powerful citrus fruit flavors.



walnut-varietals-malbecMalbec: Walnut Crest Malbec is deep, lush red in color with heightened aromas of black cherry, dark plums and layered with spicy notes. Delicious fruit flavors of plum and berries are coupled with a velvety mouth feel and gentle tannins.


walnut-varietals-pinot-grigioPinot Grigio: Walnut Crest Pinot Grigio is bright straw in color with soft aromas. This refreshing wine has delicious fruit notes of ripe pear, lemon zest and a hint of cream.


walnut-varietals-cabCabernet Sauvignon: Bursting with fruit flavor, this is a well-balanced, full bodied Cabernet with a rich, silky texture and nice finish.



walnut-varietals-merlotMerlot: Deep ruby-red in color, the nose presents aromas of delicious red fruits, spice notes, and a light touch of coffee. The palate is nicely balanced with sweet, well-rounded tannins, good volume, and a long finish.

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