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Gê & Coyam

These wines are the flagship wines of Emiliana’s portfolio. Dynamic red blends, masterpieces of nature. From the vineyard to the bottle they are cultivated with the utmost purest methods, championing strict biodynamic principals, with the final product being the ultimate expression of their Chilean Terroir. Their consistent accolades, as well as their environmental achievements position them as revolutionary and in a class of their own.

Gê Brand Summary

After several decades and various generations working in the Chilean countryside, the Emiliana team thought to pay tribute to the land by incorporating its presence in the name of a wine. A wine which would be produced under the strictest biodynamic management to achieve the maximum expression. This gave rise to the idea of calling it Gê, from ancient Greek, meaning land or earth. In Gê, the energy of the cosmos, earth, and humankind come together in a unique wine with tremendous personality that faithfully reflects the characteristics and attributes of the terroir from which it comes.

COYAM Brand Summary

Coyam means ‘Oak Forest’ in Mapudungun, the language of the native people of southern Chile. Inspiration for the name comes from the presence of majestic native trees that have surrounded the Los Robles Estate in the Colchagua Valley for centuries. The aim of the winemaking team is to achieve the maximum expression of each grape variety – While climatic conditions give way to differing varietal proportions, each vintage will have the same spirit and soul, preserving its unique and distinct identity.

  • Sourced from the Los Robles Estate in Colchagua Valley which is celebrated for its diversity of soil types and perfect ripening conditions
  • Winemaker takes stylistic influence from the Rhone region of France – Predominantly Syrah based blends
  • 100% Biodynamic
  • All varieties that go into both blends fermented with native yeasts
  • Winemaker – Alvaro Espinoza
  • Each variety can reach peak condition in the diverse array of soils + cool southern exposure provides fresh acidity essential for food pairing and ageing
  • A point of differentiation for a Chilean red (usually based on Cabernet and Merlot), the Syrah adds a layer of spiciness and earthiness giving the blends unparalleled complexity and character
  • Biodynamic agriculture offers the highest level of purity and perfection resulting in a healthier, cleaner, more balanced product
  • Creates a more harmonious blend by allowing each variety their truest expression
  • High profile winemaker recognized by Wine Enthusiast as one of the best. His professional experience and expertise as a pioneer of organic/ biodynamic agriculture creates buzz and offers another reason to believe in the brand

Tasting Notes

GEGê: Gê is intense ruby red in color with a touch of violet. The nose offers elegance and a nice balance of ripe black fruit such as black currants and dried plums in harmony with a delicate touch of truffle and spice. Rich ripe fruit and soft, velvety tannins provide elegant structure and complexity, clearly defining the benefits of its place and origin. Flavorful and lush with a nice, long finish.

coyamCoyam: Intense violet-red in color. Elegant expressions of lush black fruit such as black berries, and cassis are delicately interwoven with subtle oak, mineral, toffee, and chocolate notes. An extraordinary wine that echoes its harmony with nature.

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