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These wines represent our dedication to introducing imaginative, high quality wines to our core portfolio. Our Riesling Made from Organic Grapes and our Vin de Glacière are proof of our love of Riesling and our commitment to sustainability. Our Sparkling Riesling is a wonderfully refreshing alternative to the bevy of sparkling white wines on the market. And our Framboise is a beautifully floral and indulgent treat either as an aperitif or a cocktail mixer. For our Riesling Made from Organic Grapes and the Vin de Glacière, 99.7% of all components are organic. We even use native —not commercial — yeast to best present the natural character of our vineyard. We use no pesticides and every element within our sustainably-farmed vineyard is native to the vineyard. Our winery is centrally located within fifty miles of all our vineyards, reducing freight demands. Our winery optimizes efficienct use of electric and water, and lightweight glass significantly reduces our carbon footprint. Our package is 100% recyclable.


  • Our Riesling Made with Organic Grapes is sourced from our Biodynamic and Organic Certified Wallula Vineyard
  • Single Vineyard Offering
  • Fresh raspberries for our Framboise originate from a clone grown exclusively for Pacific Rim known for its low bitterness and abundant flavors


  • Finest and purest expression of Riesling from one of Washington State’s most respected and awarded vineyard sites
  • Highest quality fruit nurtured for complexity and character
  • A wholly individual and indulgent taste experience – a brilliant alternative to Chambord

Tasting Notes

riesling-from-organic-grapesRiesling Made from Organic Grapes: The subtly sweet profile is balanced by bright and refreshing acidity with flavors of citrus and green tea. Our Riesling beautifully complements all manner of Asian cuisines, spicy and flavorful foods.



vinde-claciereVin de Glacière Riesling: Pairs beautifully with fruit tarts, cheesecake and blue cheeses. Perfect on its own as an aperitif or a dessert wine (glorious with blue cheese) – also great with vodka for an ice wine martini. This wine will age very well.


framboiseFramboise: Ruby red with a bouquet of fresh flowers and raspberries. The taste experience is intense with bright red raspberry fruit flavors. Pacific Rim Framboise is ideal when poured liberally over your favorite dessert (chocolate cake and cheesecake respond quite favorably) or mix into your preferred beverage (Framboise enhances all manner of cocktails).


white-flowersWhite Flowers Sweet Sparkling Riesling: Pale gold and sparkling with beautiful floral and apricot aromatics. Flavors of lemon pie, jasmine and honey. The wine pairs beautifully with spicy food and dessert.

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