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All wines come from someplace, but the best wines can only come from an extraordinary place. Oregon is a world-class wine region with 16 approved winegrowing regions and more than 450 wineries producing 72 varieties of grapes. However, 75% of all grapes grown in Oregon are Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

When Oregon’s wine pioneers looked out across the state’s varied landscape they saw what others couldn’t: a perfect place for cool climate wines.

They understood that Oregon’s northerly latitude meant grapes would get extra growing season sunlight for long, even ripening, and that our crisp, cool nights would help grapes retain
their freshening acidity. Such a combination meant Oregon grapes would naturally achieve mature, balanced flavors,varietal character and great complexity. The resulting wines, they surmised, could be sustainably grown and made without dramatic manipulation to be naturally fresh, lively, and have true-to-the-fruit flavors.

They were right. Today, the suitability of Oregon for great wine is unquestioned. In the marine-influenced Willamette Valley, cool-adapted grapes such as Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris, ripen to perfection, producing elegant wines with a global reputation. If you were a cool climate wine grape, you’d want to be planted in Oregon.

Oregon wines taste of the land. The French call it terroir, we call it delicious. From sprightly sparklers and jaunty rosés, to minerally Rieslings and peachy Viogniers; from elegant Pinot Noirs and sumptuous Syrahs, to classy Cabernets and dulcet dessert wines, Oregon’s wine variety will satisfy anyone’s palate.

Oregon winemakers also know that to get the best from the grape, they must get out of Nature’s way. The majority of Oregon’s vineyards are organic, many are biodynamic, and the prevailing winemaking philosophy is “non-intervention,” meaning do as little as possible to manipulate the wine—let nature do it naturally.

The result is wines that have a genuine freshness, balanced fruit, and true varietal flavor: wines that taste of the place they were grown. And in a place as pristine, natural, and diverse as Oregon, you might expect our wines would show the same qualities. You’d be right.

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