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Villa Marzia Limoncello: Lemon Liqueur

This tart, yet slightly sweet, southern Italian favorite, is a simple combination of lemon zest, sugar, neutral grain spirits and water.  No lemon juice or pulp is used.  Traditionally in Italy, Limoncello is made at home; but why bother when Villa Marzia garnered 90 – 95 points in Wine Enthusiast.  Serve ice cold- fresh from the freezer, in a cordial glass at the end of a meal. The cool serving temperature is a pleasing counterpoint to the warming 28% alcohol.  Of course, Limoncello can also be a versatile addition to one’s cocktail.  Experiment with cranberry juice, sparkling wine, lemon vodka…


  • Villa Marzia uses the freshest lemons sourced from Garda in the Veneto and the purest spirits to craft a liqueur that meets Sartori’s highest standards for quality and style.


  • Provides a niche in our portfolio and spirit offering.
  • The perfect fusion of tart and sweet makes Villa Marzia Limoncello a chic and tasty cocktail ingredient with many possible recipe combinations.

Tasting Notes

limoncelloVilla Marzia Limoncello: Opaque lemon yellow in color. Ripe lemon bouquet, followed by a silky, rich counterpoint of sweet and tart flavors.




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