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Feudo Sartanna: Agro Dolce in Sicily

Feudo Sartanna, a fourth-generation family-owned and family-run estate, passionate about its land, built a state-of-the-art winery at the center of the property, allowing for perfect timing when harvesting the grapes and avoiding the many pitfalls of transporting the delicate fruit.  Andrea Sartori, oversees the marketing of these exquisite wines internationally.

Feudo Sartanna’s wines pay homage to Sicily’s famed agro dolce, sweet and sour cuisine where, for example, sweet raisins can coexist with bitter eggplant in the signature side dish, caponata.  Translated into wine blends, this means combining the contrastingly refreshing Chardonnay with the riper, sweeter-tasting Grillo, and well-rounded Syrah with the earthy, more “bitter” Nero d’Avola for structure.  These quintessentially Sicilian cuvées are made in the wild Mazzara del Vallo in southwestern Sicily, adjoining a World Wildlife Federation nature preserve.


  • Contemporary Sicilian wines crafted with respect for tradition and with passion for terroir, capturing the spirit of Sicily.
  • The white is a carefully crafted blend of Chardonnay and Grillo, one of Sicily’s native grapes.
  • The red is the perfect blend of Nero d’Avola, another of Sicily’s native grapes, and Syrah.


  • Feudo Sartanna wines provide two cuvées that bring contrasting grape varieties into harmony.
  • Chardonnay/ Grillo exhibits exotic aromas and lush tropical fruit.
  • Nero d’Avola/ Syrah is rich in fruit flavors and spice.
  • Experience a true reflection of Sicily.

Tasting Notes

Sartanna-ChardonnayFeudo Sartanna Chardonnay-Grillo Sicilia IGT:  Straw yellow in color with greenish hues.  An intense and persistent bouquet of white fruit and citrus blossoms.  On the palate, this wine is crisp in character, full and smooth with great balance.

SartannaNeroFeudo Sartanna Nero d’Avola-Syrah Sicilia IGT:  Red ruby in color with violet hues.  An intense and persistent bouquet of ripe red fruit and spice notes.  Palate is well-balanced and smooth, with soft tannins and a long, lingering finish.

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