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The Sartori family’s venture into winemaking dates back to 1898, when family patriarch, Pietro Sartori, acquired a vineyard and cellar in the Veneto’s Valpolicella zone, to ensure a source of high quality wine for the family’s hotel and restaurant. Over the years that followed, Pietro’s son, Regolo, focused his energy and resources on the development of the winery, ultimately transforming it into the family’s core business. By the 1950s, Regolo’s sons had expanded, generating international recognition and acclaim for their family’s wines. In their native Italy, the wines of Sartori di Verona had become a household name.

Today, Pietro’s great-grandson, Andrea Sartori, has made it his mission to elevate the quality of Sartori wines. In 2000, he established a v enture with Cantina Colognola and acquired exclusive access to over 6200 acres of high-quality vineyards in the Soave and Valpolicella zones. Within these vineyards, Sartori continues its goal of best matching individual grape varieties to specific vineyard locations, and thus ensuring the excellence of Sartori family wines.

In 2002, Sartori di Verona began collaborating with one of Italy’s most renowned consulting enologists, Franco Bernabei, making innovative advances both in the vineyards and in the winery. In 2006, the family introduced a premium line of Veneto classics crafted by Bernabei under the I Saltari label. This winery is located in the Mezzane Valley, east of Verona and the vineyards are dedicated exclusively to the classic grape varieties indigenous to the region: Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, and Croatina. Venturing beyond the Veneto, Sartori now also markets and sells the wines of two other highly respected family-run estates: Cerulli Spinozzi in central Italy’s Abruzzo region, and Feudo Sartanna in Sicily.

  1. 4TH GENERATION , RENOWNED VERONESE FAMILY-OWNED WINERY: Since 1898, the Sartori family has been driven by the love for its native Verona. They craft wines that capture the soul of this most stylish city. Sartori has earned a reputation for producing wines that respect tradition, but also embrace innovation.
  2. A SENSE OF PLACE: Sartori believes that each of its wines must truly reflect its provenance, and, when required, be the exemplar of the local discipline (i.e., DOC or DOCG). They also embody Franco Bernabei’s call for costanza, consistency; from aroma to flavor, to finish.
  3. FRANCO BERNABEI: Since 2002, Franco Bernabei, considered by many to be Italy’s foremost consulting enologist, has quietly practiced his virtuoso brand of winemaking artistry at Sartori di Verona. His initiatives are being credited with generating unprecedented new levels of quality and individuality. At Sartori, Bernabei is an integral part of the winemaking team and has been truly hands-on, reshaping existing wines and creating new releases.
  • BTG: Sartori Family Pinot Grigio, Sartori Family Pinot Noir
  • BTB Wine List Priority: Sartori Amarone
  • Reserve/Specialty: Sartori Corte Brà
  • Reserve/Specialty: Via Marzia Limoncello


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