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Riunite is closely identified with the Lambrusco grape, a variety native to central Italy. Lambrusco is said to be one of the oldest grapes in history, one that was first vinified by the Etruscans, dating back to before the first century BC.


  • Riunite introduced Americans to Italian wines and taught the American consumer that wine could be enjoyed as an everyday beverage.
  • Frizzante style, with soft, fruity flavor.
  • For on-premise, offered in both 750ml and 187ml single-serving size.


  • America’s best-loved, best-selling wine for over 4 decades.
  • Very competitively priced by-the-bottle offer.
  • Perfect for Pizzerias, Family-Style Italian Restaurants, etc.
  • 187mls perfect for on-premise bar promotions, including Riunite Rita and buckets of 187mls.

Tasting Notes

Lambrusco: Soft, breezy, and eminently quaffable. This frizzante-style wine pairs perfectly with a wide variety of foods.



Trebbiano Moscato: Pale-straw and fruity with the haunting fragrance and luscious flavor of the seductive Moscato Grape.



lambrusco-rose-sLambrusco Rosé: Light, refreshing taste with hints of strawberry and raspberry. This delicate and friendly wine can complement any meal.

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