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Luna Mater

Brand Summary

The namesake of Luna Mater – Mother Moon – reflects the wine’s close ties to nature and to its vineyards which have an average age of 50 years. Luna Mater has set a new standard for Rome’s most renowned white wine, highlighting the indigenous grapes of Italy’s Lazio region. In 2013, Luna Mater receives DOCG status.


  • A blend of Malvasia di Lazio and Malvasia di Candia, Greco and Bombino, the grapes for Luna Mater are grown in select hillside vineyards of the DOC zone in Frascati and Monteporzio Catone outside of Rome.
  • Vineyards have an average age of 50 years.
  • Careful grape selection, dual harvests, some whole-berry fermentation, and optimal bottle aging in tufaceous rock cellars yield a wine of superior quality.


  • Luna Mater is a complex, structured white wine that ages well and can stand up to a greater variety of dishes than many other dry white wines, including traditional Roman pasta dishes such as Cacio e Pepe, Pasta all’Amatriciana, and Carbonara.
  • Unique style of vinification produces a white wine that has redefined the Frascati category.

Tasting Notes

lunar-mater-sLuna Mater Frascati Superiore DOC: An intense, full bouquet evokes the grapes of origin, with a fragrance of exotic fruits. It has a dry, full flavor and is soft, savory, and enveloping, with a pleasantly lingering, elegant fruity aftertaste of ripe pears and green almonds.

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