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Dry Marsala & Sweet Marsala Summary

Produced in Sicily, in the centuries-old Florio cellars from Grillo and Catarratto grapes, Florio is a superior Marsala that is among the most well-known in the world. Aged for 18 months in old oak barrels, Florio Marsala is an inimitable and extremely versatile wine.


  • Produced in the Marsala sun-belt region of Italy.
  • 180 years of winemaking heritage.
  • Can be enjoyed before or after dinner on its own; also excellent for cooking.
  • In the US for nearly a century, and currently available in all states.


  • Extremely high visibility in the US wine market, with a stellar reputation among consumers and chefs alike.
  • On-Premise visibility communicates to consumers that the restaurant knows quality and does not skimp on high-quality ingredients.
  • Offered in 750ml for those who enjoy a great Marsala, and 375ml for novice chefs experimenting with Marsalas.


florio-sweetFine Dolce Ambra (Sweet) DOC: Dark amber with hints of dates and apricots. Excellent for the preparation of desserts, Florio Sweet Marsala is also delicious as an after-dinner wine.


florio-dryFine Secco Ambra (Dry) DOC: Deep amber with dark gold reflections; dry with delicate hints of raisins and vanilla. The Marsala of choice for meat, poultry and fish recipes, Florio Dry Marsala is also an elegant wine to serve as an aperitif, particularly with cheese.

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