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Gran Chef Marsala


  • Priced to add value to a restaurant’s profitability and to be affordable for everyday cooking at home.
  • Grapes with high sugar content are medium pressed to obtain optimal aromas and flavors.


  • Gran Chef is nicely balanced between sweet and dry – “demisec” – and skillfully structured to reduce perfectly during cooking so that it yields a savory, silky sauce for Italian classics like Veal or Chicken Marsala.
  • Great for beginner and professional chefs, as well as for home cooking.


gran-chefGran Chef Marsala Fine Ambra Demisec DOC:  Amber in color with streaks of burnt gold. Unique and intense bouquet of dried fruits with subtle hints of vanilla. Well balanced and intensely flavorful with notes of raisins, bitter almond, and hints of licorice.




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