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Florio has been the leading name in Premium Imported Marsala for 180 years. In 1833, entrepreneur and ship owner Vincenzo Florio opened the Florio Winery in Sicily’s sun-belt region. Boasting one of the largest wood aging facilities in Italy, Florio is a leading producer of Marsala worldwide, shipping to over 40 countries and selling over a quarter million cases per year.

Made with the finest grapes and utmost precision, Florio Marsala is casked in perfectly seasoned oak barrels and left, undisturbed, to age for 18 months in ancient Italian cellars. The result: a variety of award-winning Marsalas that only Florio can produce.

Florio has one of the longest standing relationships with Banfi Vintners among all of Banfi’s suppliers. Banfi had originally imported Florio during Prohibition, when Marsalas were considered to have medicinal benefits, and the partnership has remained ever since.

  1. The Leading Name in Premium Marsalas: Used in the finest cuisines at the world’s finest tables, Florio Marsalas have consistently been recognized for their superior quality. The brand has received the “Chefs in America” Gold Medal for superior quality 5 times.
  2. Long and Trusted Heritage:180 years of production in Sicily’s Marsala Region.
  3. Solid Distribution: Across all 50 states, equally strong On- and Off-Premise distribution; 750ml and 375ml.
    • BTG : Florio Secco (Dry), Florio Dolce (Sweet)
    • For Cooking: Florio Dolce (Sweet) and Florio Secco (Dry), Gran Chef


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