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Ivan Bortot-Winemaker

Cella winemaker Ivan Bortot comes from Conegliano region of the Veneto, which is known not only as the premier region for sparkling wines in Italy, but is also the standard-setter for all things agricultural across Italy. Being a native of such a deeply agricultural – and viticultural – area, Ivan developed a great passion for wine-making, ultimately earning a degree in Oenology in 1972 from the prestigious university in Conegliano Veneto.

Immediately after graduating, he began working at a winery in the Emilia-Romagna region in the position of Manager of Laboratory Analysis, and in 1974, he was made the technical head of the winery. Since 1993, he has held various roles at the upper-managerial level, from bottling, to technical oenological development, to vinification. He currently oversees all winemaking procedures at Cella and is also the President of the Commission of DOC Wine Tasting, as well as the President of the Consortium on wines of the Reno region.


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