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Complementary to our winemaking passion, rich Tuscan tradition is captured by equally noble and prestigious specialty products representing the bountiful harvest of this extraordinary region.


  • Castello Banfi Grappa is produced with 100% Sangiovese clones, hand-selected and picked from select estate vineyards.
  • Grappa can be consumed straight, chilled or added to espresso (caffe corretto).
  • Aqua vite is distilled by luscious golden Moscato grapes on the estate.
  • FloruS is one of the classic DOC wines from the acclaimed growing region of Montalcino, Tuscany.


  • Bring the Banfi brand name to the after dinner drink menu; a selection to please every palate.
  • Castello Banfi Grappa was recognized at the “10th Concorso Nazionale Grappe” judging at VinItaly, where it received the highest honor given, the diploma con Medaglia d’Oro.
  • Late Harvest FloruS is a rare masterpiece of fruitiness and balance. Made with grapes that naturally dry on the vine until mid-October and beyond.



Acqua Vitae: Crystal clear in color. Aromas of peach complemented by almond notes. Slightly unctuous on the palate, with dried fruit flavors and toast notes. Long smooth finish.



Grappa: Dry and austere with a clean finish.






FloruS: A late harvest dessert wine with a perfect balance of fruit, body and bouquet. Rich and golden in color. Elegant, harmonious with hints of apricot, honeysuckle, raisins and honey. The taste is unctuous, with dried apricot, raisin and honey flavors. Subtly sweet. Long finish with nuances of almond and honey.

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