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Christian Scrinzi – Winemaker

christian-scrinziChristian Scrinzi has been a winemaker since 1989 and while he is Italian by origin, much of his formative training was undertaken in New World regions, including Chile, New Zealand, the United States and specifically Napa Valley; and in the Old World, France.

Scrinzi joined Bolla in 2001, eventually took on a key role in the “Revitalization Project” that began in 2006, and was ultimately appointed head winemaker in 2009. His mission is a top-down renovation with the goal of improving quality, starting in the vineyards, moving through the cellars, and extending all the way to the finished wine in the bottle.

Scrinzi is the interpreter of Bolla quality. It was his grandfather who gave him his early fascination with wine through their many excursions to the vineyards around their home in Trentino, a wellknown wine region in Northeast Italy. These early experiences led Christian to complete his studies in Agriculture and Oenology, then ultimately to Bolla, where he is the current Director of Oenology, responsible for creating the wines and carrying on the tradition of trusted quality that Americans have come to know and love.


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