Super Premium Tier Overview- Cuvée Aurora Rosé, La Lus, Banfi Brut

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Banfi Brut, Cuvee Aurora and La Lus Summary


  • Banfi Brut is a classic example of an aristocratic, dry sparkling wine.
  • Cuvee Aurora Rose is an elegant sparkling wine made from 100% Pinot Noir and is a true expression of Alta Langa.
  • La Lus Albarossa is born of the marriage between Barbera and Nebbiolo, and traces its roots back to 1938.


  • In a tasting of Italian sparkling Metodo Classico wines of the Talento consortium, this prestigious group ranked Banfi Brut as the number one bubbly, granting it 87 points out of 100, far ahead of many of Italy’s traditional sparkling wine producers.
  • Cuvee Aurora Rose is well-known for its harmonic character and elegant silkiness.
  • La Lus is a new and captivating hybrid that uniquely re-interprets the terroir of Piedmont.

Tasting Notes

cuvee-roseCuvee Aurora Rose, Alta Langa DOC: Pale pink with tiny and persistent perlage. The bouquet is intense and alluring, with notes of apple, vanilla, and wild rose. On the palate, the wine is round silky and well-balanced.

la-lusLa Lus, Albarossa Monferrato DOC: Deep ruby red in color. Bouquet of rose petals, red berries, cherries, and hints of oak. On the palate, flavors of cherry and plum jam intermingle with notes of vanilla and licorice.

brutBanfi Brut Metodo Classico: Fresh, harmonious, delectable with a crisp long finish.

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