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Ottocentonero Sparkling Dry Lambrusco Dell’emilia IGT


  • Ottocentonero, meaning “1800 Black,” is so named for the deep purple coloring of the wine, the result of the vinification process that extracts the dark hues from the Lancellotta grapes.
  • An audacious blend of contrasting elements: Salamino (50%) brings fruitiness and notable acidity, Grasparossa (40%) adds roundness and body, and Lancellotta (10%) which adds color and character to the wine.


  • Dry Lambruscos are currently booming in popularity, especially in the On-Premise segment.
  • Ideal complement to rich foods, from baked pasta dishes, to grilled meats, to spicy cuisine.
  • All the flavor of a dry Lambrusco with the full sparkle.



  • “Metodo Ancestrale” is an ancient technique used by the farmers of Reggio Emilia. Following partial fermentation, the wine undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle, rendering the wine completely dry and leaving a deposit of natural yeast in the bottle.
  • Made with 100% Lambrusco di Sorbara, regarded as the highest quality variety, producing concentrated flavors.


  • The result is a semi-sparkling, velvety wine, reminiscent of the style of how it was enjoyed by our ancestors.
  • A beautifully fragrant wine that is dark and full bodied, with a refreshing tartness.

Tasting Notes

albinea-canaliOttocentonero Sparkling Dry Lambrusco dell’Emilia IGT: Fresh and fruit forward, this semi-sparkling wine is balanced, with rich berry flavors. Ottocentonero is rich, vivacious, and round on the palate.


Untitled-1FB Lambrusco, Emilia IGT: Semi-sparkling and dry wine, with a velvety texture and refreshing tartness.

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