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Albinea Canali is the result of a partnership established in 1936 between seven enterprising local grape growing families in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. Bent on creating heightened quality wines destined to enjoy wider recognition, the seven founding families set aside competitive differences to pursue a common goal. To that end, the Albinea Canali label gained recognition as a producer of top quality wines, specifically Lambrusco.

In 2003, significant investments were put toward the restoration and preservation of the historic Albinea Canali winery. Presently, the winery boasts more technologically advanced production facilities, as well as a beautifully redesigned hospitality center and enoteca. Albinea Canali has continuously been identified with deftly crafted, affordably priced wines celebrating the region’s best-loved grape varieties: Lambrusco and Lancellotta.

  1. A Leading Producer of Lambrusco: Albinea Canali has consistently been recognized for excellence in the production of all varieties of Lambrusco.
  2. Ancient Grape Varietal: Lambrusco is one of Italy’s oldest indigenous grape varieties.
  3. Perfect for Pairing with Food: Sparkling Dry Lambrusco perfectly complements rich foods, but can also be enjoyed with light fare or as an aperitif.
  • BTG: Ottocentonero, FB Lambrusco
  • BTB: Ottocentonero, FB Lambrusco

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