Welcome to the homepage of Banfi Vintners’ Portfolio Books where key brand information is all in one place – no searching required! Each portfolio book is available both as a “book” (pdf file with active links in Table of Contents) and a webpage. Right from this page you can DOWNLOAD a book to your computer, OPEN a book here in this browser, or  VIEW the book content as a webpage.


  • Topline region information
  • An introduction to the key players
  • A portfolio breakdown and features and benefits by tier
  • Ratings, description sheets and vintage cards by SKU

Use this resource in the way that works best for you. HERE’S HOW:


Use the menu to the left, choose a book and select Open/Save. This opens a PDF file – give it a second to load and then flip through. Use the active links to jump around and quickly find what you need. Need a hard copy? Simply save to your computer as you would any pdf file and print as needed. The pages are set up for 3-hole punching so you can mix and match and customize your own portfolio by selecting individual tiers/SKUs across several brands.


Just need a quick reference? Use the menu to the left, choose a country, select View Webpage and start to navigate. The table of contents will stay to the left of each “page” to expedite your search. There’s more:

  • Grab a logo or a label. Click on any logo/label to download the high-res version.
  • Grab content for a presentation. Copy/paste over content/images as needed.
  • Send a link to any page to share information. No passwords required, so feel free to share a link and tell the world.


On your phone or tablet? Easy. The books (and links) work well with most pdf readers as well as ibooks. If a pdf reader (adobe, ibooks, etc) is not an option with your device, you can still view as a webpage.